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    حصرياً :: افضل مجموعة على الاطلاق لتعليم أقوى خفايا الفوتوشوب Photoshop Top Secret

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    مدير المنتدي

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    حصرياً :: افضل مجموعة على الاطلاق لتعليم أقوى خفايا الفوتوشوب Photoshop Top Secret

    مُساهمة من طرف vb4ever في الخميس أغسطس 19, 2010 2:45 pm

    حصريا :: Photoshop Top Secret

    Create Posters, Movie Covers, Surreal Graphics and More!

    The course will teach you how to become the ultimate Photoshop® "black belt" for fun and/or profit. You'll learn how to create top-level special effects for eye-catching movie posters, album covers, book jackets, brochures, mailing pieces, magazine covers, article illustrations, and a tremendously wide range of print ads and Web site graphics.

    بعض الدروس::

    الدروس التي تحتويها ::

    CD 1:
    Break Apart
    Dark Faces
    Dream Scene Montage
    Dream Skin
    Movie Credits
    Movie Poster I
    Movie Poster II
    Special Effects
    Stone Portrait
    Surreal Mist

    CD 2:
    Applying Tattoos
    Computer Screen Images
    Creating DVD Covers
    Download Button
    Elegant Headers
    Flower Greeting Card
    Logo Basics
    Masking Fur
    Order Button
    Painting a Portrait
    Pop Art
    Screen Captures (Mac)
    Screen Captures (PC)
    Seal of Guarantee
    Shattered Type
    Subscribe Button
    Swapping Faces
    Vanishing Point

    CD 3:
    Chocolate Milk Frog
    Covered With Wax
    Invisible Man
    Layer Comps
    Metal Collage
    Morphing Creatures
    Reaching Out of Bounds
    Square Fruit
    The Grunge Look

    CD 4:
    Dreamy Backgrounds
    Liquid Metal
    Masking Mastery
    Soap Bubbles
    Stylized Character
    Swap Animal Skin
    Underwater Scene
    Vector Art Portrait
    Water Bubbles

    موقع الشركة المنتجة ::

    حجم المجموعة :: 4.7 GB
    الدقة :: عالية الجودة

    لتنزيل المجموعة الروابط بالأسفل "23 رابط "

    كود: MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part01.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part02.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part03.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part04.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part05.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part06.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part07.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part08.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part09.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part10.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part11.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part12.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part13.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part14.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part15.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part16.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part17.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part18.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part19.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part20.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part21.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part22.rar.html MaZiKa2DaY..Photoshop.Top.Secret.DVD.4.7.GB.AhMeD.FaWzY.part23.rar.html

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